Toyo Kogyo arsenal Type 99 Arisaka Rifle

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Japanese Empire Type 99 rifle chambered in 7.7×58mm. This particular rifle was manufactured in Toyo Kogyo arsenal as denoted by the markings on the right side of the serial numbers. This rifle is a series 2 as shown by left side character before serial number. This rifle features matching numbers on major parts, a bright bore in great shape, as well in very good condition as far as the metal, wood and finish are concerned. ( please see photos for condition ). The cocking knob has a non knurled surface. The chrysanthemum on the receiver has been "X" struck, but is fully present. Stock retains its original finish.

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The following was adapted from "Japanese Rifles of WW2"


The Japanese manufactured over 6.4 million rifles and carbines in the 40 years from 1906 to 1945. Most of these rifles were still in use during the Sino-Japanese War of the 1930s and the Pacific War of the 1940s. During the war and subsequent American occupation of Japan, thousands of these rifles found their way to the United States as war souvenirs, making them one of the most common foreign military firearms available in the country.

The Arisaka rifles are named for Colonel Nariakira Arisaka, who headed a commission during the 1890s which was charged with developing a new rifle to replace the earlier models such as the Murata. The Arisaka rifles were designated with the year of the current emperor's reign. Thus, the Type 38 rifle was designed in the 38th year of the reign of Emperor Meiji (1905), and the Type 44 carbine was adopted in the 44th year of his reign (1911). During the reign of Hirohito, rifles were designated by the last one or two digits of the adoption year according to the standard Japanese calendar. Thus, the Type 99 rifle was adopted in Japanese calendar year 2599 (1939), and the Type 2 paratroop rifle was adopted in calendar year 2602 (1942).

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