Russian TT-33 Tokarev Pistol

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$599.99 - $649.99

Russian Tokarevs chambered in 7.62x25mm. These pistols have all seen use and have varying levels of condition. Some feature import safeties that have been removed, and some still have them. ( does not affect mechanical function of pistol ). Please pay attention to drop down for the variant you want. All were manufactured in the Izhevsk factory, and markings from pistol to pistol will vary due to different years etc. 


Variant Options:

  • Izzy 1947 (Match)- Serial #AB2705, All Matching, No Safety, No Import Marks
  • Izzy 1947 (Mismatch) - Serial #AA1550, Mismatch, No Safety, No Import Marks
  • Izzy 1950 (Match) - Serial #BD1818, All Matching, No Safety, Import Marked
  • Izzy 1950 (Mismatch) - Serial #YA1243, Mismatch, Hungarian Slide, With Safety, No Import Marks
  • Izzy 19XX - Serial #Y007H, Remark/Mismatch, No Import Marks

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