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The MARCH IFAK Resupply bundle is intended to be used as resupply for the US Army standard IFAK or similar commercial applications.  Using the combat-proven practice of kit organization and standardization, the MARCH™ IFAK Resupply is designed to be used under the most adverse conditions.  It uses MARCH medical gear in a color-coded trauma treatment system to treat the five leading causes of preventable death on the battlefield. It comes with quick reference cards to complete the system.


  • TMT™ Tourniquet 1 ea
  • Celox® RAPID 1 ea
  • Pre-Lubricated Nasal Airway 1 ea
  • Sentinel Chest Seal 1 ea
  • Dart 1 ea
  • Battle Bandage 1 ea
  • Battle Wrap 1 ea
  • Rolled Gauze 1 ea
  • Eye Shield w/ Garter – Polycarbonate 1 ea
  • Gloves (pair) 1 ea
  • TCCC Card DD-1380 1 ea
  • Mini-Sharpie 1 ea
  • Quick Start Guide 1 ea

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