Mission Essential Plate Carrier

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This item is 100% handmade in the USA!


The Mission Essential Plate Carrier (MEPC) keeps a minimalist design at its heart while packing in key features that enhance usability.  500D Cordura construction gives the carrier strength while keeping weight to a minimum.  Carrier sizing matches plate size, not user size.  Each plate bag will fit up to a 1.2" thick combination of plate and backer.


  • Zippered admin pocket
  • 6" x 4" Chest MOLLE/Loop field for ID Patches or use with Navigation Boards
  • Included QASM buckle for placard use while also allowing G-Hook placard compatibility
  • Integrated low profile drag handle (On MOLLE Version only)
  • 8" x 3" Rear Loop panel and MOLLE field for ID Patches and PID marker placement
  • Rear cover secures cummerbund attachment
  • 3D mesh liner for enhanced comfort
  • Overlapping shoulder straps allow a wide range of adjustment and increased strength over competitors
  • Internal Plate adjustment straps ensure proper fitment of a variety of plates
  • Compatible with all Velcro mounted cummerbunds

Check out the size chart to help you choose the correct fit for Plates.

*Due to possible unforeseen industry supply shortages, OCP laser cut laminate may be substituted for Multicam in certain cases.*

MOLLE Rear Bag: The MEPC offers a MOLLE-compatible rear bag, featuring an integrated webbing grid for the ultimate in customization. Attach pouches, packs, and other mission-essential accessories with ease, giving you rapid access to all your operational needs.

Slick Rear Bag: For operators seeking a minimalist profile, the MEPC also comes with a slick rear bag option. This design eliminates external webbing, providing a clean, low-profile look without sacrificing ballistic protection. It's the ideal choice for missions requiring speed, agility, and a reduced silhouette.

Cable Pass Through:  The cable pass-through on the MEPC is a specialized design feature intended for the convenient routing of cables, wires, or tubes. This pass-through allows for seamless management of communication equipment or other devices, facilitating a streamlined and efficient setup.

Admin Pocket:  The admin pocket on the MEPC is a compact, easily accessible compartment located on the front, designed for storing essential administrative tools, documents, or accessories. It helps users keep important items within quick reach.

Enhanced Webbing:  Defense Mechanisms' design features enhanced webbing that provides unparalleled versatility for placard adjustments and Push-to-Talk (PTT) management. This additional webbing also seamlessly integrates with both the breaching lanyard and the Recondite Strap kit, enabling easy self-access and rapid disconnection capabilities when used with the MEPC.

Shoulder Strap:  Equipped with adjustable extended shoulder straps, the plate bag on our plate carrier ensures both comfort and adaptability for wearers of all sizes. These straps feature a dual-purpose design, allowing for efficient cable pass-through and the ability to tuck away excess strap material into the plate bag. This ensures a streamlined, snag-free profile that's ideal for mission-critical operations.

Removable QASM buckles on the MEPC users to quickly and easily attach or detach gear and accessories as needed. These buckles offer a convenient and customizable way for users to secure their Placard and accessories to the MEPC, making it adaptable for various missions and loadouts without the need for complex reconfigurations.

Cummerbund Flap:  This flap on the MEPC serves as an additional layer of security for the cummerbund. It helps keep the cummerbund in place, ensuring a snug and stable fit for the wearer. This added feature prevents the cummerbund from shifting and peeling during movement, enhancing overall comfort and safety.

Loop Field:  Defense Mechanisms' plate carrier is engineered for adaptability, featuring a laser-cut loop field on the front for effortless attachment of EUD boards, morale patches, or identifiers. The rear comes equipped with a standard MOLLE loop field, adding another layer of customization. Both loop fields are crafted for a secure fit with hook-fastened patches, ensuring quick and tailored identification for any mission requirements.

Low-Profile Drag Handle:  Defense Mechanisms' plate carrier features a low-profile, padded drag handle, constructed from reinforced tubular webbing. Seamlessly integrated into the plate bag, this robust handle is designed for quick and secure extraction in emergency scenarios, without adding unnecessary bulk or snag hazards.


  • Carrier Size Aligns with Plate Size: Your shirt or body size doesn't determine the carrier size.
  • Plate Variability: Keep in mind that plate dimensions can differ by ±1" between manufacturers.
  • Max Thickness: Our plate bags accommodate plates and backers up to 1.2" thick.


  • 8" x 10": Designed for 8" x 10" plates (SAPI, ESAPI, Shooter, Swimmer)
  • Small: Designed for 8.75" x 11.75" plates (SAPI, ESAPI, Shooter, Swimmer)
  • Medium: Designed for 9.5"x12.5" & Commercial 10"x12" plates (SAPI, ESAPI, Swimmer)
  • Large: Designed for plates up to 10.5”x13.5" (SAPI, ESAPI, Swimmer)
  • X-Large: Designed for 11" x 14" plates (SAPI, ESAPI, Shooter, Swimmer)


  • Avoid Oversizing: Oversizing can compromise your shooting stance and mobility due to extra weight.
  • Ideal Placement: The plate bag should align from your jugular notch to your belly button vertically, and from nipple to nipple horizontally.

Choose your carrier carefully, ensuring it fits both your plates and your body for optimal performance.

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    BETTER than Slickster

    Posted by Anonymous on Oct 27th 2021

    Owned a JPC2.0, Slickster, MBAV and various other carriers over the years. Upgraded my jpc2.0 to the Slickster and still felt the carrier was lacking.

    The MEPC does it all right. I ordered mine with padded sleeves and the 4” elastic cummerbund with the QD attachments. It feels way more comfortable than the Slickster and feels much more robust. You will be happy with this carrier. But I will recommend you buy the padded shoulder sleeves with it. Everything else is up to you.

  • 5
    SOLID Option For Plate Carrier

    Posted by Vic on May 21st 2021

    Just got my MEPC and it is solid. Reinforced where it needs to be (shoulder stitching, plate bags, and molle) and minimal everywhere else. Great alternative to Ferro Slickster and Advance Slickster but customer service WAYYYYYYYYY better. You won't regret this choice