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Soviet-Afghan War Improvised AK Chest Rigs

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During the early years of the Afghanistan invasion by Russia, common place issued chest rigs were not as common as later war. Due to the lack of load bearing equipment, or maybe prefered load bearing equipment, it was often observed to see field crafted kits. ( as shown in stock image ) . These field expediant kits were often observed with the 40th Army, and allowed soldiers to carry upwards of 6, 30 round AKM/ AK-74 magazines, or RPK magazines without the tops clasped. We have replicated 2 versions of this improvised kit. One set is more streamlined and only features the waste belt, cross harness style slings, and 2 sewn magazine pouches. The alternate style, features the same but will also have 2 grenade pouches sewn into the placard. Please note that this is original Russian gear, but the rigs themselves we crafted in house. We took special care on the methods used to sew, and clasp/ attach. The string used is of the same period color, but of a tougher construction for use. The metal loops used to affix the slings for the shoulder harnesses are period correct Soviet rings off gear. 

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